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Brand stewardship made simple.

Updated: May 15, 2019

There are a lot of fancy brand strategy process charts out there. And I'm guilty of creating a few myself. But over the years, I've learned that my value has been in simplifying the complexity that can be hard for the clients to see through.They live and breathe their challenges everyday. It helps to have a fresh eye take reams of information and sift it down to the core issues that are the pathway to a new brand story.

At Rebel Fox Farm, we've boiled down great brand stewardship into a very simple formula. Step one, diagnose the brand until you can clearly articulate your brand problem. You can now see the forest through the trees have a vision of how you can win. Step two, develop a brand strategy that solves the brand challenge. The idea must meet two critical criteria. It must be very relevant to the consumer and very unique to the category. Step three, ensure the creative execution is clear-- and I don't mean just "on-strategy." It has to be understood. And, it has to be disruptive to break through the clutter. No sense having a brilliant strategy everyone is too busy to notice. So there it is, in its simplest form.

Ready to build something great?

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