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Rebel Fox Farm Announces Name Change

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

PITTSBURGH, PA, April 12, 2022 Rebel Fox Farm, a Pittsburgh-based advertising agency, announced today that it has rebranded and is shortening its name to Rebel Fox. The change comes along with a new visual identity that speaks to the agency’s authority in one fundamental area: brand strategy.

The name stems from the firm’s mission to differentiate clients by helping them rebel against industry norms. The fox is a nod to the importance the firm places on smart, strategic thinking. The “farm” stood for the firm’s philosophy to give back, supporting causes around hunger and health. While philanthropy efforts will continue, the farm will no longer be a part of the brand’s core identity.

“Our clients commonly shorten our name to Rebel Fox, so it was a natural move. This rebrand also gave us the opportunity to focus on our point of difference. We are a brand strategy firm that just happens to do great creative,” says Rebel Fox founder and president, Michelle Latta.

You won’t see the Rebel Fox name on the outside of any downtown building; the firm has been virtual since its inception in 2016. “We were leading the way to a better agency model well before the pandemic,” says Latta. “Our clients aren’t supporting large leases. Instead, they’re receiving high-level talent on their day-to-day business—truly in the trenches to solve business problems. The pandemic just made it easier to tell our story. Clients can see how effective a virtual agency can be regardless of where the team members sit.”

The firm has experienced rapid growth over the past three years and has brought on heavy-hitting talent, including Mary Kay Modaffari and Petra Arbutina, former partners with M. J. Brunner, Inc. At Rebel Fox, strategy isn’t a department. Every team member is tasked with strategic thinking, and brand strategy is taught across disciplines. “We are a learning organization different from any agency I ever worked for,” says Latta. Rebel Fox is also bringing the firm’s brand strategy curriculum to market in the Fall to help educate start-ups and client-side marketing professionals who want to take their game to the next level.

In addition to the name change, Rebel Fox launched a new website and hopes to attract top agency professionals in Pittsburgh and beyond.

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