Trailblazing is something the Porsche brand has always done well. Helping them with the launch of the Panamera was an incredible ride to say the least.


Samsung wanted to launch their new S8 phone with something more than beauty shots and copy. They wanted a story. We were happy to tell one. 

Holiday Inn

It's the little things that make all the difference when choosing a hotel. We helped identify those little moments and made them feel special. Because it's the little things that make the biggest difference. 

First Place Bank

First Place bank launched a promotion to support the American auto industry and local GM workers during an especially challenging time. “Race to First Place Bank” sweepstakes campaign launched via a multi-media campaign and surpassed expectations.

Talmer Bank

The Talmer Bank Name Change campaign created awareness of the Talmer Bank and First Place Bank acquisition and served as the initial branding efforts for Talmer Bank.

Talmer Bank

The Commercial Insights program provided the commercial banking team with a consistent process and platform to deliver banking excellence to their clients.


Getting out there and playing in nature is what REI is all about. Capturing that spirit and motivating consumers took work that went beyond the beaten path.

Startup Alleghenies

Rebel Fox helped Startup Alleghenies grow entrepreneurship in Central PA. We developed an idea to host an Entrepreneurship Summit which attracted over 200 attendees. Rebel Fox Farm managed and planned the event which included 20 additional speakers. We also recruited keynote speaker Chris Heivly, co-founder of MapQuest, and generated significant awareness and engagement via organic social. Extra legwork secured retweets by key influencers including a retweet from AOL Founder Steve Case's entrepreneurial group "Rise of the Rest."