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Brand Retreats

Grab the team and let's go.

Our brand retreat is a one or two-day process to get your team working on your biggest brand challenges. Through a series of collaborative exercises and brainstorming tools we'll explore the following:

  • Problem articulation

  • Target audience understanding and opportunities

  • Brand, consumer, and competitive insights

  • Your organization or brand's unique selling proposition

Benefit from the outside perspective of our brand strategists. Break out of old thinking patterns and assumptions. Contact us to learn more.

Brand Repositioning Initiatives 

We transform data into compelling, effective ideas.

Our team members have spent decades helping companies of all sizes, in scores of industries, differentiate themselves from the competition or simply nail their messaging. Brand strategy is a critical component of an organization's approach to growth. If your customers don't know why they should buy your products and services over the competition, your business is not achieving its full potential. We work with companies to craft a brand positioning statement that guides the company, culture, products, services, and communications. This total alignment of purpose creates a compelling brand that customers will want to engage with. 

Interim CMO and Marketing Operations Consulting 

Optimize your in-house marketing communications team.

Many rapidly growing organizations find the need to increase the sophistication of their in-house marketing team. Rebel Fox can operate as an interim CMO or a consultant to help take your team to the next level. While every engagement is different, some of the more common tasks include:

  • An audit of corporate business goals and how the marketing team's objectives are aligned

  • Audit of all marketing communications plans, followed by proposed improvements to process, strategies, and execution

  • Audit of internal marketing team members, followed by staff recommendations, organizational restructuring, and job descriptions for new roles

  • Day-to-day business support to keep business moving in the absence of marketing leadership

  • Evaluation of external marketing partners, followed by recommendations to get the most out of your vendors or guide the search for new resources

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