greenhouse innovation

Innovation Workshops

Developing new ideas to help your organization grow.

Market leaders continually ask what's new and what's next. We help companies generate the internal and external ideas that become part of a strategic plan to increase revenue and profits. Our skilled facilitators lead transformational retreats and share systems for developing ideas that help your organization break out of old thinking patterns and assumptions. If you're ready to take a giant leap forward, our team will get you there. Whether you're working on product development, operational efficiency, marketing communications, or other challenges, we'll lead your team towards actionable ideas that create real, sustainable change. For case studies, contact us.

Brand Repositioning Initiatives 

Transforming data into compelling, effective ideas.

Our team has spent decades helping companies of all size, in scores of industries, differentiate themselves from the competition. Brand strategy is a critical component of an organization's approach to growth. If your customers don't know why they should buy your products and services over the competition, your business is not achieving its full potential. We work with companies to craft a brand positioning statement that guides the company, culture, products, services and communications. This total alignment of purpose creates a compelling brand that customers will want to engage with. Give us a call and let's talk about the role of brand strategy in your organization. Call to request a proposal.

2022 Brand Bootcamp

Presenting the principles of great branding

Attend our 2022 Brand Bootcamp on June 14th at Chatham University's Eden Hall Campus just outside Pittsburgh. Spend a day discovering ways to elevate your brand as we uncover the principles of great branding. We'll look at examples of best-in-class brands from all over the world and discuss the core elements of a successful brand. Then we'll turn to strategy tools and exercises so that you can start exploring opportunities for your own brand. Get ready to be inspired. For more information and to register visit eventbrite. Seats are limited.