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Welcome to
the Fox’s Den.

Rebel Fox is an advertising agency specializing in brand strategy. We work relentlessly to simplify complex challenges, uncover data and glean insights that can grow business. Our team members have partnered with some of the world’s top names, working together to create breakthrough brand and creative strategies. We work with clients as agency partners and brand consultants. Let's get started.






Virtually perfect.

Our agency is virtual. Our results are real. Our remote working model enables us to attract and hire the highest caliber of talent anywhere in the U.S. The money we save on leases becomes an investment in our clients. Every client team includes a 30 year industry veteran who works on the day-to-day business, providing unparalleled strategic guidance. That makes us virtually unbeatable.

Foggy Forest

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Rebel Fox with a Cause.

We believe it's important to work hard and do good. That’s why each year we donate 1% of annual profits to organizations that are helping people in our community.

What’s with the name?

Rebel Fox is more than a catchy name. We are rebellious. We are continually driven to help brands challenge the status quo. And, we are laser-focused on hiring and retaining the smartest people in the industry—all to help you outfox the competition.  

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